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ArbitPad is a premier launchpad and incubator for innovative projects on the Arbitrum blockchain. Join our community of early investors and discover the top projects launching on the Arbitrum network.

About Arbitpad

ArbitPad is an IDO platform and incubator that aims to revolutionize the way early-stage projects acquire crowdfunding on the Arbitrum blockchain. Our mission is to provide transparent, equitable, secure, and easily accessible IDO services on Arbitrum while also creating decentralized finance applications for the ecosystem.
With our APD token, users can enjoy a range of benefits and utilities, including discounted fees, access to early-stage investment opportunities, and governance rights. We believe that the success of our platform is tied to the success of our users, and we are committed to delivering value and growth opportunities to all our stakeholders.

What Makes Arbitpad Special?

  • Rigorous Project Vetting

    ArbitPad ensures that only the best projects are presented to the public by conducting thorough vetting of all potential projects.

  • Refunds On Failed Launches

    ArbitPad's "Launch Refund" policy allows participants to receive a refund if a project doesn't meet predetermined criteria. This protects early investors and incentivizes projects to meet their commitments and goals.

  • Guaranteed Allocations For $APD Holders

    Holders of the APD token will be granted a confirmed allocation for upcoming IDO projects, with their ticket sizes determined by the quantity of staked $APD tokens they possess.

  • Earn passive income by staking your $APD tokens

    Earn more $APD tokens by staking and farming on our staking portal. As a holder, you can also benefit from our Seed Staking Feature, which allows you to receive free tokens from our incubated projects.

ArbitPad Utility Token

The Arbitpad Utility Token, also known as $APD, is an integral part of the Arbitpad ecosystem. Holders of $APD can enjoy exclusive benefits such as receiving guaranteed allocations for token sales of the projects launched on our launchpad. Additionally, by staking their $APD tokens, holders can earn interest and obtain exclusive loyalty rewards for participating in Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) on the platform. The more $APD tokens staked, the greater the rewards earned.

Upcoming Launches


Ends In
Chain: Arbitrum One Chain
Hardcap: 300 ETH
Min Buy 0.2 ETH
Price 0.000015 ETH


Arbitpad Tokenomics

Token Name Ticker Max Supply Blockchain
Arbitpad $APD 100,000,000 Arbitrum One Chain

Token Distribution

Team 7%
Advisors 3%
Presale 20%
Public Sale 40%
Liquidity 18%
Marketing 2%
Staking Rewards 10%


Q1 2023

  • Initial Arbitpad Development & Website Launch -
  • Whitepaper Release -
  • Initial Token Pre-Sale To Early Adopters -

Q2 2023

  • Public Sale -
  • Contract Audit -
  • $APD Token Staking Release -
  • DEX Listing -
  • CMC & Coingecko Listing -

Q3 2023

  • Strategic Partnerships With Arbitrum Projects -
  • Onboarding Of First 10 IDO projects on Arbitpad -
  • Arbitdex Launch -
  • More IDO Launches -

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